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Have a question about VegasMate? A problem? We're here to help and if your answer isn't here, contact us for more info.

How do I get VegasMate?

VegasMate is available through the iTunes App Store. The app is free to download and offers an optional content subscription. VegasMate requires iOS 7 or later.

How often is the content updated?

Our goal is to update all of the content every four weeks or so. When content updates are available, the app will update automatically if you have a valid content subscription.

What about the iPad?

VegasMate is a Universal app, with the full feature set to both the iPad and iPhone.

Where does your content come from?

The content in VegasMate comes from several sources including the hotel operators, the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority's quarterly publications for the travel industry, hotel Web sites and the growing community of other Las Vegas related Web sites. Beyond that, we hire freelancers to write new content, exclusively for VegasMate.

Does VegasMate work without a Wi-Fi or cell connection? Can I use it on an airplane to plan my trip?

Most of the features in VegasMate work just fine with out any connection to the Internet. The exceptions are access to the maps, photos (unless previously downloaded), news, restaurant menus and the sending and receiving of reviews to our servers - any reviews created when there is no network connection will be saved and sent once a connection is available. All of the other content is stored on the device and can be used in 'Airplane Mode' or other situations when you have no coverage. We want you to have a great offline experience.

Does VegasMate use Location Services? Will this kill my battery? What do you do with this information?

Yes, VegasMate uses location services for a variety of features, if you as the user give us permission. We use GPS and other location technology while you are running the app to determine how far away you are from hotels, restaurants and other attractions. This is signified by the solid indicator in the device status bar. The GPS-based location services can use a lot of power so we are very careful to shut them down after we get the information that we need.

To enable special features for people that are actually in Las Vegas, we use 'geofencing' to determine if you are in town. This is signified by the hollow location services indicator in the status bar. Geofencing is a very low-power mode to detect if you are near certain areas. Your location information is not sent back to us.

VegasMate NEVER sends your location information back to us or anyone else.

What about VegasMate for my Droid or other Android device?

VegasMate is an iOS application - it is not available for Android at this time. I make apps for the platforms I use and right now that means iOS.

VegasMate crashed on me or crashes when I start it. How do I fix that?!?

We spend a lot of time on testing and debugging but maybe we missed something. There is built-in crash reporting in the app - the next time you launch, it will submit that to us. You can also contact us via email.

Some info in your database is just plain wrong. Fix it!

We are constantly reviewing the information included in the application. Perhaps something slipped through. If you find something you think is an error, please email us.

What do the dollar rankings mean?

VegasMate has a price ranking scale from '$' to '$$$$$'. Typically, this breaks down as follows. Prices are for an average meal and do not include alcohol.

  • '$' - up to $10 per person (inexpensive)
  • '$$' - up to $20 per person (average)
  • '$$$' - up to $30 per person (moderate)
  • '$$$$' - up to $40 per person (pricey)
  • '$$$$$' - $50 or more per person (very expensive)

How do I reach you? I have questions/complaints/praise/Wynn gift certificates to send you.

Send us email - we check it all the time and respond as quickly as humanly possible. We want you to love VegasMate. Alternatively, feel free to contact us on Twitter.